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A game-changing development: Discover how our new industry-standard open OS for security cameras will boost your business and unleash innovation.

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The Products

Your camera + our OS = the key to success

Free operating system


The new industry-standard OS for your cameras:

  • Easy integration
  • Standardization benefits


Find the perfect solution for your products:

  • Insert your own video pipeline
  • Collaborate with our engineers (optional)

The Business

How your product’s worth will multiply

new markets

New markets

Let’s grow your business together:

  • Profit from SAST marketing
  • Gain new customers in dynamic markets
extended value

Extended value

Our industry-standard OS enhances your tech:

  • Differentiation in a flooded market
  • Increased potential price through new apps

The Future

SAST to go live in early 2019

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Open Tech

Get access to the SAST ecosystem:

  • Competitive edge
  • Innovative solutions
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Targeted Investments

Focus your R&D efforts:

  • Save on software development
  • Just focus on what you do best

Our Roadmap

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Open Security and Safety Alliance

SAST is a member of the Open Security and Safety Alliance and collaborates closely with it on creating standards and specifications for the SAST operating system, IoT infrastructure, and a collective approach for data security and privacy.