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What we believe in

To get groundbreaking results, you have to collaborate. That’s the secret of success. But for true collaboration to take place, you need a level playing field — and partners who are willing to be open and share their knowledge.

Our biggest asset is our community of engineers, developers and strategists. Each one of them is passionate about making the world a safer place.

The SAST ecosystem for security cameras enables true innovation. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a developer, or an integrator, you’ll benefit from its stability and efficiency — so you can focus on what you do best. Together, we form a virtuous circle — improving each other’s work as we raise the industry to the next level.

SAST is for you

For developers

In 2019 we will provide you with a ready-to-use platform that will make integrating camera and security solutions fast, effective and intuitive.
For developers

For integrators

Everything you need to make cameras smarter - boost security, retail services, and your own business.
For integrators

For manufacturers

Discover how our new industry-standard open OS for security cameras will boost your business and unleash innovation.
For manufacturers

Three of many use cases

  • Artificial intelligence for travel

    Artificial intelligence for travel

    Airports are vast, fast-paced environments where security is everything. Our SAST platform provides better insights and faster reaction times to anything out of the norm. Because when it comes to aviation security, any advantage you can get can be the difference.

  • Get more from existing cameras

    Get more from existing cameras

    Cameras in department stores can do much more than just prevent shoplifting. Our platform for retail security updates the cameras you’ve already installed with AI-driven business intelligence. Use apps to analyze customer traffic, and more.

  • Teach an old building new tricks

    Teach an old building new tricks

    An office tower is never truly finished. Companies also move, grow, and pivot. And so should their security technology. Whether its new cameras, new features, or new software — businesses require security that adapts to their changing needs.

Our Platform

SAST is designing a global ecosystem for security camera applications. This open and secure IoT platform will be launched in 2019, establishing a new industry standard based on an open OS and API, an app store, and an integrator portal. This is the foundation our industry has been waiting for so we can build on the power of the IoT.

Careers at SAST

Careers at SAST

SAST will grow fast. Join us on this adventure!